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Norse offers a range of contemporary indoor lighting that comprises light fixtures, bathroom light fixtures, ceiling light fixture and application based indoor lighting, for example, restaurant lighting. Our indoor light fixtures and indoor LED lighting solutions are ideal to create the ambience that is expected of the LED light fixtures in commercial or residential settings.

The team at Norse lighting believes in the aesthetics of interior design and the role of light fixtures in enhancing the ambience of an indoor space, whether it is used for pleasure or for work. An indoor space at home is a place to relax, unwind and chill and at work it is a place to be productive, creative, efficient and collaborative. The underlying ethos is that an indoor space is an area that one can vibe with personally or professionally to bring out the best. Here comes the importance of indoor lighting and the role of light fixtures that are used to enhance the space to bring out the best in and for the person using the space. Modern spaces can be constrained for light and it becomes almost inevitable sometimes to use lighting during the day in indoor spaces. Modern interior lighting is using the human centric approach to bring out the best in lighting design and applicability so that the best outcomes could be achieved for the person in that interior space. Norse has designed and manufactures indoor LED lighting that uses the modern principles of lighting design coupled with usability to bring out the best indoor lighting LED fixtures. Indoor LED lighting fixtures need to blend in with their surroundings and their design should be created to incorporate this, as has been done with Norse’s contemporary indoor lighting products. We do hope you enjoy using our indoor lighting products.