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In the modern day environment, waterproof LED lights are decidedly smart and reliable lighting solutions. Applications like LED batten light are ideal for humid and dusty surroundings and are perfectly suited for public lighting, basement lighting and of course, toilets lighting. Norse showcases a smart array of LED batten lights that will set to rest your all-weather worries!

With pollution levels increasing by the day it becomes quite a task to safeguard applications from the ensuing grime and dirt. Waterproof fixtures are just the right lighting fixtures for such occasions. An LED batten light is designed to provide uninterrupted lighting even in adverse conditions. Waterproof LED lights have taken over the lighting scenario for heavy duty requirements in public lighting, open area lighting and such. The prevalent humid and damp conditions call for effective solutions like LED batten light for toilets lighting and basement lighting.

Waterproof LED lights from Norse are smart and reliant luminaires that can withstand tough conditions and come up trumps in providing efficient lighting. The Abby series has high lumen output and has been optimised with highly diffused lens cover for high class efficacy. Equipped with both surface and suspended mounting, this comes very handy for public lighting such as open areas and commercial spaces among others. With up to 60 percent energy saving as compared to traditional lights, the Bernard series of LED lights is fitted with full plastic tri-proof light with ribbed opal diffuser for a seamless flow of light. Standardised for challenging moist and grime prone environments, this LED batten light is ideally suited for basement lighting as well as toilets lighting.

Among other pluses, waterproof LED lights are favoured for their rugged and reliable qualities that make them long lasting and energy efficient. Take a look at the Cedric series which has adopted the latest in LED technology for optimum light diffusion. This LED batten light comes in various lengths as well and is great for retail and public lighting. The selection of waterproof LED lights from Norse have a variety of adaptable features including adjustable colour temperatures and dimming options. The Sienna series is an anti-corrosive LED batten light that comes with clear vapour proof high impact diffuser. Just the right solution for basement lighting and toilets lighting as areas such as these are prone to humid conditions.

Public lighting for industrial and commercial purposes requires heavy duty applications that can perform under trying conditions. The Colin series of luminaires are fitted with high quality glass reinforced polyester body and come with twin options of suspended and surface mounting. White painted stell base and polycarbonate end caps make the Nicole series of waterproof LED batten light a delightful visual treat besides being an ace performer.

It is possible that waterproof LED lights from Norse may not have many competitors when it comes to basement lighting and toilets lighting because of their sturdy performance and customised features. You can bid adieu to your weather worries when you take your pick of waterproof LED lights from the Norse collection!