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LED Linear Lights have quite revolutionised the manner in which we light spaces. Suspended lights, LED ceiling lights and variants like LED linear pendant lighting and recessed LED linear lighting have transformed the lighting solutions arena and enveloped all, should we say, in a bright halo! Norse presents its choicest selection of LED Linear lights for retail lighting, office lighting, shopping centres and indeed various spatial areas that simply transform in the glow of LED ceiling lights.

LED Linear lights have been dominant players among luminaires for quite a while now. Be it suspended lights or LED linear pendant lighting, LED ceiling lights provide an array of smart and trendy lighting solutions for spaces. For instance, the Alvin series from Norse with its white painted metal sheet and opal cover of LED modules is a great option of hospitality use and retail spaces. A wonderful example of LED linear pendant lighting is the Billy series of linear lights. With sleek looks and light diffusing feature at the two ends, these suspended lights are true design marvels. An added attraction is the flicker free diffusion to prevent eye fatigue. Great buys we say!

A winning factor of LED Linear lights is the minimalist, rectangular design feature that does a lot more than acing the looks department. LED ceiling lights such as recessed LED linear lighting or suspended lights light up expansive areas effectively thereby doing away with overuse of frivolous lighting fixtures. Installing LED Linear lights from the Galvin or Hazel series from Norse will beautifully complement the aesthetics of indoor spaces. The elongated design of recessed LED linear lighting is great for spaces such as dining areas or product display areas. Wide range of usage haven’t we got there?!

When you decide on using LED ceiling lights for interior spaces, you’d have made a wise choice at the very offset! And when you choose Norse for your pick of LED Linear lights, the job at hand becomes way easier. Choicest LED linear pendant lighting fixtures with professional after service make it a winning combination. Look at the Benton series of suspended lights. It is a wonderful low maintenance alternative to traditional linear lights. A smart example of LED linear pendant lighting, its modular design makes seamless connection possible. This series of suspended lights have 3 phase track mounting as well as surface mounting.

LED Linear lights are smart acquisitions on more than one account. Low energy consumption and long lasting performance are highlights of these recessed LED linear lighting applications. The Jesse series are a set of continuous, direct, extruded linear light fixtures and a sleek creation of contemporary design. The Lekki series of LED ceiling lights are sure to add winsome appeal to any spatial area given their smart looks and easy mounting features.

The Norse range of LED Linear lights, be it recessed LED linear lighting or suspended lights, come with adaptable colour temperatures and even dimming options to give you more control on your room’s ambience. So when are you taking home your choice of LED ceiling lights?!