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Among a range of lighting solutions, LED ceiling lights hold quite a coveted place. And when you think of a ceiling light fixture, an LED pendant light comes foremost to the mind. Versatility in usage, energy efficiency and elegant looks are just a few of the pluses that place an LED pendant light right up there when you are looking out for a ceiling light fixture. For a variety of spaces hanging lights are often the preferred choices and an LED pendant light can go a long way in enhancing the decor of a room. We at Norse bring you a handpicked collection of LED pendant lights take can admirably take care of your kitchen pendant lighting needs along with other key areas of your home as well as retail establishments.

When it comes to lighting up commercial spaces LED pendant light is quite sought after. Take for instance the food or the retail industry where the ceiling light fixture needs to highlight and in turn enhance the appeal of the product in display. Hanging lights such as an LED pendant light effectively provides focussed lighting and illumines required areas.

Each ceiling light fixture at Norse caters to specific lighting requirements of various spaces. The Agatha series pendant lights are hanging lights with decorative aluminium hand spun bodies and come with colour variants. The Bartek series suspended lights are LED ceiling lights with adjustable suspension cables. The Bogdania series pendant lights have multi faceted reflectors that provide a chic look. A ceiling light fixture such as any of these hanging lights can work wonderfully in industrial or retail spaces and even double up as a smart kitchen pendant lighting solution.

A ceiling light fixture is a smart illumination idea because LED ceiling lights such as an LED pendant light lights up areas and spaces in a hassle free manner without being obtrusive. The Helen series pendant lights have opal diffusers for seamless distribution of light. Wouldn’t their installation be just right for your kitchen pendant lighting needs?

Norse constantly endeavours to uphold clients’ needs and strives to showcase the best products in the given field. The LED ceiling lights in display have multi-utility functions including solutions for kitchen pendant lighting. Keira series pendant lights are a visual treat and their slim elongated design structure can enhance the look of the space where they are installed.

Kitchen pendant lighting is much in vogue because of their efficiency and elegant designs. Jasper series pendant lights can effectively light up dining areas and kitchen units. These LED ceiling lights can light up retail spaces and even shopping arcades with style. Kesley series comes with the twin option of surface and suspended mounting. A ceiling light fixture is an essential part of any lighting solution in an establishment. Hanging lights offer diverse choices in the manner they are used.

An LED pendant light adds an aura to the ambience, be it your living space or commercial establishments and Norse helps you achieve that look!