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Underwater lighting is a much required and in demand lighting solution for all water based spaces. Areas like swimming pools, aqua sports stadiums, marine activity areas and a host of places need lighting solutions like swimming pool lights and indeed pool lights of various makes. Norse brings you a selection of LED submersible lights, waterproof LED lights and pool lights that will meet your LED underwater light requirements.

For a variety of water sports and water related activities, safety measures need to be given primary attention. In this regard swimming pool lights and pool lights need to be installed amply and in strategic locations. Safety and well-being of people engaged in water activities can hardly be over emphasised. Illumining solutions such as LED submersible lights and waterproof LED lights go a long way in allaying safety concerns. An LED underwater light is smart choice for lighting up swimming pools and water based theme parks among a host of other spaces.

The selection of underwater lights from Norse in versatile in usability and can be installed in various outdoor spaces apart from using them in water centric areas. The Kim series underwater lights have a double waterproof structure and can be smoothly installed. The surface of this LED underwater light comes with an electrostatic plastic coating and thus can effectively end your search for waterproof LED lights! The 3 in 1 light source gives a beautiful glow which is a desired requirement for swimming pool lights.

An LED underwater light offers much more value for money than a conventional light source. LED submersible lights are known for their power efficiency and long lasting performance. It makes them just the right choice when looking out for swimming pool lights and pool lights in general.

The Lois series from Norse has a double waterproof structure and attached hinge makes installation a cakewalk. Make this your pick when searching for LED submersible lights as the body is made of high pressure die-cast aluminium. These waterproof LED lights can be used as swimming pool lights or even pool lights in water theme parks as such. What’s more, the flexible design structure makes it an ideal choice for even outdoor spaces like lawns and playgrounds.

LED underwater light solutions from Norse have a wide range of user friendly and energy saving features that make them default choices for underwater luminaries. These LED submersible lights have colour temperatures ranging from 3000 K to 6000 K for the perfect illumination.

Swimming and indeed a range of water related activities are greatly in demand, both as hobbies and even as professional sports. The right light sources are imperative for maintaining safety standards. The Toby series of underwater lights fit the bill perfectly when looking up swimming pool lights and outdoor pool lights. As an LED underwater light solution, this can be great buy!

LED underwater lights like waterproof LED lights and others from Norse come with quality assurance and good value for money. Come and take your pick!