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Wall lights have become an intrinsic part of interior spaces and have found a firm foothold (or should that be wall hold?!) in indoor lighting be it office lighting or home lighting. Norse brings for you a select range of wall lights, more specifically LED lights that redefine spaces and transform the concept of indoor lighting. Lighting is an integral part of any architecture and LED lights have managed to capture the lighting industry’s imagination wholly because of their unrivalled quality and performance.

Wall lights, and specially LED lights, add character and dimension to spatial areas not just by illumination but also by highlighting and focussing on design details and the general outlay of spaces. When it comes to home lighting, while the main focus is on lighting up rooms adequately, ambient lighting also plays a pivotal role. Clear focussed illumination is required for office lighting and wall lights do a great job of it. The selection of LED lights from Norse provides an effective solution for indoor lighting. The Martha series is a professional wall mounted uplight that is just perfect for ambient lighting. Bring in this light fixture for your indoor lighting needs. Fitted with a super-efficient Philips LED module and driver system, it also has an opal acrylic diffuser and light sensor options. Indeed an ideal application for office lighting requirements. The smart design blends in well with a professional environment.

Wall lights are more than just lighting options. Used widely for indoor lighting, indirect light fixtures including LED lights add character to home lighting and enhance the surrounding ambience. A beautiful example of such lighting is the Leroy series from Norse. This decorative indoor wall light with arresting looks has bidirectional lighting output and opal acrylic diffusers. Perfect for home lighting, it can wonderfully illumine drawing rooms or sitting areas. The two directional lighting feature brings an aura of warmth to interiors as the indirect light bouncing off the walls simply does away with any obtrusive glare. Customised for both vertical and horizontal mounting, these wall lights come with short circuit, overload and temperature protection. There is also the choice of colour option for black though it comes in standard white. Its sleek appearance can also be a good choice for office lighting particularly in lobbies and meeting areas.

LED lights from Norse have the guarantee of well-crafted design and lasting performance. The LED experience is always a pleasing one given its high energy efficacy. Features like adjustable colour temperatures make them smart choices for indoor lighting. A competitive warranty period further adds to the experience. Just look at the Valo series of decorative wall lights. The contemporary edgy design and extruded acrylic diffuser makes it a great option for home lighting. And why not offices as well because office lighting need not be staid and boring, right?! With a lifetime output of 50,0000 hours, it’s too good a thing to refuse!

Your choice for indoor lighting just got better with Norse LED lights!