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Work spaces have undergone a transformation given the fast changing dynamics of office work. The fluidity in the nature of work entails smart office lighting in keeping with the times. Illumining solutions such as LED ceiling lights have redefined the way offices look. Applications like LED pendant lights, LED panel lights and of course, the LED downlight have transformed the entire look of office spaces. To enhance the visual appeal of your office, smart efficient LED ceiling lights from Norse are your best bet and as always, the sheer range will leave you pleasantly baffled!

A modern office environment is quite a departure from staid gloomy places of the past. Office lighting of today is a balanced mix of efficiency and smart design. Applications such as LED pendant lights or LED panel lights are energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. A browse through Norse’s collection of LED ceiling lights will throw light, literally, on the sheer variety of illumining solutions for office lighting. Modern spaces require luminaire systems that carry the ethos of today’s work dynamics.

Modern office lighting is flexible and adaptive. LED ceiling lights work perfectly for a host of environments including modular office cubicles or open work spaces. The selection of linear lights from Norse is just the right fit for office lighting. With both surface and suspended mounting options, these LED ceiling lights such as the Benton series or the Alvin series illumine large areas and provide continuous flicker free light. Metal bodies come in both matt and highly polished surfaces, to complement the interiors. LED ceiling lights as the Billy series, among others, can be installed independently or as a continuous line of lights.

In professional setups, lighting should be adequate and efficient without being obtrusive. An LED downlight does the job effectively. An LED downlight from Norse such as the Aeden series downlight has a highly specular reflector with efficiency upto 96 percent! The Anne series LED downlight is yet another smart fixture whose adjustable 30 degree angle is coupled with a unique light blocking design to minimise light loss. Trimless downlights like the Caleb series LED downlight are design marvels that add to the aesthetics of work spaces.

Office lighting should offer flexibility to adapt to different set ups. In this regard LED pendant lights work very well. Fixtures like the Helen or the Luna series LED pendant lights provide focussed lighting are great installations for work tables. Specific requirements of office lighting can be addressed effectively with LED pendant lights and an array of them awaits you at Norse.

Effective lighting in offices creates a positive ambience and enhances productivity. LED panel lights like the Dylan or Elmer series LED panel lights give off steady illumination and help create a vibrant atmosphere. LED panel lights have various mounting options.

Office spaces are hubs of creation and productive output and that can only happen in a well-lit environment. Energy saving LED ceiling lights from Norse will help create the right work environment you desire.