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The food and beverages industry is largely dependent, on visual presentation and display of products. Be it fresh produce or packaged items, food lighting plays an essential role in attracting customers. Kitchen lighting, both for homes and hospitality spaces, needs to be bright and functional. A whole range of food lighting, such as LED downlight and LED track light, awaits you at Norse and that includes lighting for food styling. Have a look!

Food lighting is increasingly being prioritised in the lighting scenario. More so, because the food industry constantly keeps reinventing itself and whole business models have evolved centred around food. Kitchen lighting factors in lot more aspects then merely illumining. Food presentation is a big industry and lighting for food styling is of paramount importance. Efficient and reliable luminaire solutions spanning many varieties including LED downlight and LED track light are available at Norse.

When it comes to kitchen lighting, one thing to consider is adequate lighting. The cooking areas should be kept in focus. Task lighting works well to highlight specific areas and the activities undertaken. The Astrid series from Norse fit the bill perfectly. This range of LED downlight has excellent thermally optimised heatsink and is die cast in pure aluminium.

Food lighting impacts human behaviour and purchase patterns considerably. Attractive lighting and right colour temperatures can enhance the visual appeal thereby highlighting food quality and freshness. This is a great driver while determining the consumer’s choice. Kitchen lighting should be bright, vibrant and yet complement the ambience and decor. At the same time, kitchen lighting should be tough and resistant to the heat emanating from stoves and other kitchen appliances. Norse has, in its array, an exhaustive collection of light fixtures that can take care of all food lighting requirements. For instance, the adjustable feature of the Annie series of LED downlight provides perfect lighting for food styling. The selection of LED downlight as also LED track light from Norse comes with a choice in shapes. All the more convenient to accentuate your kitchen lighting settings!

The perfect lighting for food styling is most often the one that creates an ambience of natural light. The advancements in LED technology have made them favourable options for food lighting. Features like colour changing temperatures and CRI (colour rendering indices) of an LED downlight or an LED track light, panel lights or even strip lights make them perfect choices for food lighting or lighting for food styling. Food photography is huge business and it is intrinsically connected to favourable lighting. LED track light fixtures such as the Eric, Evan or the Gaisma series, among others, are ideal as lighting for food styling. The adjustable beam angles ensure that you get the perfect diffusion of light and the right angle for your subject on display.

The objective of food lighting or lighting for food styling is primarily to display or bring out the actual colour and freshness of the subjects. Luminaires at Norse do ample justice to that, trust us!