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The purpose of education itself is to enlighten and so it is only relevant that physical spaces that engage in educational activities are well and adequately lit. Education lighting, particularly school lighting and college lighting, has a great role to play in helping to create a conducive atmosphere for learning. At Norse, the mission is to help further the noble purpose of education. How? By featuring lighting ancillaries like the LED spotlight and LED downlight that are perfect for educational infrastructure.

The purpose of school lighting or college lighting is to facilitate and help create a favourable environment that motivates young minds to learn and grow. Most educational institutions encompass large areas that cater to various learning related tasks. It also entails significant energy costs over long periods. LED technology provides smart, sustainable illumining solutions while minimising energy costs. Education lighting should factor in specific needs of children and young adults. School lighting should be bright and welcoming, so that children naturally gravitate towards the establishment. Corridors and passageways should be well lit to ensure safety and security for students and teachers alike. At Norse, the variety of applications in display can cater to education lighting needs and help create wonderful spaces of learning.

Concentration is one of the key components of learning. This is possible in a positive and vibrant environment School lighting as also college lighting has to exude a warm inclusive feel all around. LED downlight fixtures are very effective in providing focussed, seamless illumination. The Alma series LED downlight is a great option. The round recessed light comes in various lumen outputs. An adjustable LED downlight such as Annie or the Bert series is a product of smart innovation and the light angles minimise lumen loss. The Brian series LED downlight has high brightness LED SMD and the transparent cover ensures uniform luminous beam. Great for school lighting and even college lighting!

The Caleb series trimless LED downlight has an adjustable 30 degrees light blocking design. The fixture is also a visual delight, just right for school lighting and college lighting equally. After all happy minds in a happy environment is the best combination right?!

A host of educational activities require concentric lighting. LED spotlight fulfils all such school lighting necessities in style. The Elba or the Gosia series of LED spotlight, with adjustable gimbals work superbly for college lighting. The Sigrid series LED spotlight has a fully adjustable single LED framelight. The multi -faceted reflector and two gimbal fixing positions provide added flexibility. College lighting needs can be met perfectly with the Thea series LED spotlight. This small 102mm fixture packs a punch using optimised passive thermodynamics. Beam reflectors of various capacities come with this LED spotlight.

Education lighting means well illuminated spaces. Norse delivers LED solutions for school lighting and college lighting that in turn translates to happy, productive classrooms!