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Volumes have been written and said about the benefits of LED lighting and yet there’s always something new to be amazed about this technological revolution in illumining solutions. LED lights brought about path breaking innovations in the lighting industry by way of providing an environment friendly alternative to mercury filled incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. An LED bulb and LED tube light is undoubtedly the best for lighting solutions in terms of energy efficiency. LED lights including LED ceiling lights have incredibly low power consumption and long life span. So, as an LED fluorescent tube replacement an LED tube light is the best bet. For all LED lights such as LED ceiling lights and others Norse offers a smart and stylish selection for you to take your pick.

An LED light is a compact light source with a lumen output capacity that belies its size. The Alton series LED bulb from Norse is marked its high luminous efficacy and lasting capacity. A heat-conducive aluminium body and non-flickering light makes it an ideal LED fluorescent tube replacement. This LED bulb has a sleek matt finish which can definitely compliment your indoors. The wonderful energy efficiency of LED ceiling lights make them hands down favourites in the hotel or the retail industry. Demi series of LED lights excel in the looks department and energy efficiency. This LED bulb range can definitely give any office or retail space a smart makeover. When looking for a LED fluorescent tube replacement this set of LED ceiling lights provide the right answer.

LED lights are also favoured for their ability to perform under pressure. Immensely long hours of usage hardly matter to an LED tube light or an LED bulb. Bring home the Dion series and you’ll know what we mean. This LED bulb offers a whopping lifetime of 25000 hours! Need we emphasise its veracity as an ideal LED fluorescent tube replacement!

LED ceiling lights offer a seamless display of light and fill the area with a pleasant glow sans any of the bothering flicker so common with fluorescent lights. Suffice it to say that an LED tube light or an LED bulb doesn’t take any time to make up its mind! The Ella series LED bulb is a super-efficient lighting solution for a variety of indoor spaces. The main attraction of LED ceiling lights is the comfortable and pleasant illumination they offer. Besides brightening up areas just the right way, they are huge money savers.

For an LED tube light, the Hale series compare with the brightest in the market. A polished finish and an optical lens cover make this LED tube light a winning choice. Going for an LED fluorescent tube replacement? This is by far your best solution.

LED ceiling lights from Norse vie with the best choices in the marketplace in terms of quality and after sales service. Be it as an LED fluorescent tube replacement or a welcome means to save on bills, LED lights are here to stay!