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Norse understands light, but more importantly – Norse understands people. Generating world-class LED lighting solutions, we strive for visual comfort in all spectrums of human ambition. Our passion for people evolved, quite naturally, into manufacturing the kind of luminaires that draw out their very best day in – day out.

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The LED lighting scenario has spearheaded the revolution in effective lighting solutions. We, at Norse, are committed to enriching and enhancing our clients’ experiences with innovative and smart LED solutions. Our repertoire of LED lighting such as LED high bay lights, LED downlights, LED panel lights are crafted with state of the art technology and are in sync with the latest developments in the field of energy efficient lighting solutions. Additionally, our solar streets lights and off grid solar systems ensure that energy conservation and smart lighting go hand in hand.

Highbay LED lights from Norse show the way forward in commercial and industrial applications. Combining functionality with wonderful design, High bay LED lights ensure that a space is lit up just right. Flexible mounting options make LED high bay lights coveted lighting fixtures in retail, commercial interiors, warehouses and airport terminals. External entrances of buildings, both commercial and residential, can be beautifully lit up by high bay LED lights because of their versatility.

LED downlights create yet another benchmark and Norse has an admirable collection of LED downlights that can illumine today’s interior spaces with élan. Adjustable designs of LED downlights enhance their usability to a great degree. Another prominent feature of LED downlights is the brilliant lighting efficacy coupled with high brightness. It makes LED downlights much sought after additions to commercial, educational and retail spaces to name a few.

LED panel lighting is again a remarkable example of innovation.Even light diffusion of LED panel lights paves the way for an enhanced distribution of light. White painted metal, often aluminium, ensures the optimal dispersion of lumens making it the highpoint in energy efficacy of LED panel lights. Norse walks that extra step to illumine homes and businesses with brilliance and LED panel lights are but a beautiful way to express that sentiment.

Energy conservation takes precedence while designing lighting solutions and indeed in any other allied field. Solar street lights seamlessly blend power conservation with illumination needs. Harnessing the sun’s energy to power up, solar street lights are self sufficient stand-alone lighting devices that use photovoltaic cells to store the sun’s energy. After the initial nominal cost of set up, solar street lights can illumine outdoor spaces for years together without generating electricity bills ever! The functionality of solar street lights makes them desired choices for various outdoor applications. The storage of surplus solar power is made possible with off grid solar systems. The batteries used in off grid solar systems store the excess power so that even in cloudy or rainy days, there’s a power solution at hand. It makes a for smart energy choice to have off grid energy systems thus doing away with electricity bills altogether. Off grid solar systems do away with utility girds making them independent power solutions.

Norse enriches the LED experience with its collection of High bay LED lights, LED downlights, panel LED lights while acing the renewable energy space with solar street lights and off grid solar systems.